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A Secret Life

A Secret Life

I like to believe that I haven’t wasted the educational opportunities I had throughout my life. Whether it is my extensive pursuits for higher education or my formative years, I have had some great teachers, who presented some challenging and informative content. Some scholars communicate through historical references and by waxing eloquently about one of the many wonderful poems they memorized. I have been known to call on different resources.

I often communicate with near perfect precision with lines from Jerry Seinfeld and a host of cinema comedies. Unfortunately, where some recite lines from Shakespeare, I probably have better recall of the movie Dumb and Dumber than I do of classic literature. But some literature did stay with me, which I’m sure my parents appreciate.

One short story that I remember well is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber. The story resonates with many as proven by the two motion pictures based on the work. Mitty is a daydreamer who never really accomplishes anything in his life because of his lack of focus on reality.

Countless people are told to stop dreaming…focus and get to work…make your dreams come true. That’s easier said than done, but in the Internet age, daydreams have taken on new forms. Just doing actual research for work can result in a 30-minute chase down a rabbit hole with nothing to show for the time but a lack of awareness of why you initially started the search.

Our faiths can turn into the same pursuit. We can get caught up in the application and practice of faith: doing things and attending meetings and volunteering for every available hour in our schedule. Those pursuits, while noble and productive, can result in us being far from God and not knowing how we got there.

Of all the spiritual disciplines there are, regular time with God in prayer will never get us off course. Coming to God and listening for the Holy Spirit’s direction and instruction, will not leave us unproductive. Prayer allows us to share thoughts and concerns with God, and God responds to us in those moments.

Jesus said to not pray on the street corner with the intent to draw attention. He said when you do that, the looks and praise you may get for a great prayer will be all the reward you can receive. Jesus said God rewards the earnest prayer that is prayed in secret…almost like a secret life known only to God.

I wonder if we should be working diligently on our own opus that will resonate not just for some decades but for a little longer…like eternity. You and I can begin today writing a new story, and it will be one for all time. Let’s start adding content today, and we’ll call it The Secret Prayer Life of a Jesus Follower. I bet God will call it a best-seller.


Blessings to you,


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