Buttery Fingers - The Shoreline Church
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Buttery Fingers

Buttery Fingers

I am glad so many of you have enjoyed our “See You at the Movies” sermon series. I would like to think you are enjoying it because of the great worship and the riveting sermons…I would like to think that…but I know many of you are super-excited to finally have popcorn at Shoreline. It is something different for this series, but some of you have been asking about having popcorn since we started Shoreline. Popcorn is beloved, but so is the doughnut…and you can rest assured that the doughnuts will return next week.

As I was singing along with the band during worship on Sunday, Hannah was standing in front of me. What should have been a lovely moment was interrupted. As Hannah reached around to hug me, I thought how nice, and then a voice in my head yelled, “BUTTERY, GREASY FINGERS!!!!!” Before I moved her hands away in horror (which I wanted to do), I stopped myself. I quickly thought how much more important it was that she wanted to hug me and how wonderful that truly is. To be loved is a glorious thing.

As I reflected on how my decision to ignore stained clothes in favor of a little girl’s love, I thought of God. I thought of my hands. They are the hands of a broken, sinful person. No amount of good I do or sacrifices I could make can ever make the slightest dent in the pile of sin that keeps me away from God’s side. If I touched anything in God’s presence, it would look like those television crime scenes after they have dusted for fingerprints. Everything would be tainted with my stains and blemishes.

It brought me such an appreciation for God in that moment…and each day I am smart enough to think about it. God loves His children—every single one of us. God loves us on our good days, and God loves us on our bad days…just the same.

God sees our greasy, dirty fingers…He knows exactly what is on our hands…He knows what we have done…but He still pulls us in for an embrace. We wrap our buttery fingers around Him, and He does not care a single bit. God loves us, and He loves when we love Him. When we recklessly throw our arms around Him and love Him with all that we are.

May we all hear that truth today like we have never heard it before. May the truth of God’s love for us encourage us today and sustain us through challenging times. And may the knowledge of how He loves us help us to love others today.


Blessings to you,


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