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Check the Weather

Check the Weather

One of the toughest aspects to following God is actually following God. God has designed the entire universe to suit His purposes. That means everything and everyone is under His authority and has a place in His grand plan. No one can attest to this better than the Israelites.

God selected that people to be His own people—chosen and set apart. Through them, God would bless all of creation, but the plan took some work. God had to lead them to Egypt and then to a great escape—an exodus—and a journey to the Promised Land.

God guided Moses and the 12 Tribes of Israel through the wilderness preparing them for the conquest of Canaan. In Numbers, you can read about much of that journey, but I have always been amazed at how God trained the Israelites to follow Him. God had to take them from serving the Egyptians and all of their gods to serving Him alone, and it took time.

Numbers 9:15-23 describes how God showed them when to set up their tent city and when to break it down. God showed His presence by covering their tabernacle with a cloud by day and the appearance of fire at night. They had to be ready to move, “Whether it was two days or a month or a year that the cloud lingered over the tabernacle, staying above it, the sons of Israel remained camped and did not set out; but when it was lifted they did set out” (Numbers 9:22). When God was ready they had to be ready.

We think about checking the weather before we step outside; imagine checking for the cloud to know what kind of day it would be. Just as the Israelites looked for God’s sign, maybe we should give it a try. It may seem frustrating to give over the control of your life like that, but that is exactly what God is calling us to do.

God was with them, directing them and guiding them. We are not different than those chosen people of long ago. God is with us. God wants us to check with Him first—to determine what kind of day it will be. Will we be on the move? Will He ask us to settle in for a fight or to learn something new? In what ways will we experience Him today and His plans for us? These are the questions of a people committed to God and His purposes for us.

That willingness to follow is the kind of devotion and allegiance God wants from us. Let’s try starting each day in prayer, figuratively sliding open the tent flaps and checking for God’s direction. What will He say today? Where will He lead me? If we search expectantly, God will show up, and He will have the answers we seek.


Blessings to you,


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