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Checkout Time

Checkout Time

“WE CHECK IDS.” I have been going to that grocery store since we moved to Valdosta, and this was the first time I ever noticed. Everyone of the checkout clerks wears a badge with that short sentence on it. I am sure it is required by law, but it doesn’t mean I am required to stop and read it.

It would be one thing if I was buying something that necessitated knowledge of my age…which would be found on my I.D. That makes sense…naturally, but that is not what it says…well…it’s not how I read it.

I, like many, studied psychology in high school. Among other topics, the theories of Sigmund Freud were studied. They are catalogued in my brain somewhere, but it would take Freud himself to figure out why they came out at this moment.

Without prompting from my checkout clerk, I simply locked eyes on the badge, and a perplexed look jumped to my face. “WE CHECK IDS.” What?! Here at the grocery store?! Do you have psychologists on site? Are your managers trained in the Freudian approach to counseling? I was surprised to say the least.

Once I realized, they were not talking about Freud’s idea of the ID, I was able to move on, collect my groceries, and go home…laughing inside my head as I went. But, it got me thinking about checking my id.

The id is the pleasure seeking part of our mind. It wants what it wants, regardless of the consequences or the benefits of the action. The ID actually does need to be checked. If we all walked around doing what our id was telling us to do, people would chase after every carnal, aggressive desire, not concerned with whom they hurt or what would be the ramifications of their actions. You can see why checking ids would come in handy everywhere, but especially at church.

Church…yes…the Body of Christ…the collection of Jesus followers who are trying to be more like Jesus. Surely, this is not a place to check ids—desires, sins, and selfish behavior. But it can be, and we must be on guard against deciding our own way.

In Freud’s theory, the super ego counteracts the id, attempting to control it and avoid the negativity that would follow. The Holy Spirit—God’s presence in our lives—does the directing and fights against the bent to sinning. It is the work of the Spirit to work against sin and evil, that are dying to corrupt and destroy us.

We are a church, and we check ids. But we don’t do the checking. We gather together, relying on God to show us the way. We agree to submit to God’s authority, exercised at times by other followers to become more like Jesus. At the end of the day, we are always about God’s desires over our own. It may not be easy, but that is how we can fully live in this life and the next.

Blessings to you,


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