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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

In a little less than six months, it will be Christmas. Some of you more dedicated Christmas people already knew that, and the rest of you are wondering why in the world that matters. We are in the midst of the summer swelter with a heat index over 100°, and I am talking about a time in December when our heat index is only in the 90s. (Hopefully, some of you are laughing.) Right now, there is a real connection with Christmas; I promise.

I shared last Sunday that someone needs our help. The local Toys for Tots organization needs us, to be specific. Someone broke into their warehouse and stole nearly all of their toy supply. They have a new warehouse, but they need help restocking. That is where you and I come in.

Toys for Tots gives guidance about what they need: brand new toys that are unwrapped, purchased for around $30, and for children 13 years old and younger. It is time for Christmas in July! Every Sunday in July, we are asking people to bring new presents for Toys for Tots. We are going to help restock their toy supply.

I know it does not seem like the time to start thinking about Christmas, but I think it is a perfect time to do just that. When sin entered our hearts, it was like a cancer. It eats away at anything that is good and pure and holy. Sin is like a thief that comes in the night and does the unthinkable. It separates us from our Creator and does everything possible to make sure we lose our joy and peace.

We cannot fill the hole that sin makes in our lives. Only Jesus has done the work needed to reverse the work of sin. Only Jesus can take what sin corrupted and make it acceptable to the Father. Only Jesus can give us our joy. Christmas, after all, is about God sending us the perfect present that will always fill us with joy.

Over the next month, we get to celebrate Jesus by giving in His name to bring some joy into the lives of others. We get to care for children who need some help. Evil is at work once again, and we can do something to fight it. With God’s help, we will send a message that Jesus is the source of our joy, and He cannot be defeated. Merry Christmas!

Blessings to you,


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