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I Don’t Like to Lose

I Don’t Like to Lose

This is probably one of my least favorite Saturday nights of the year. Some people live for Daylight Saving Time; I do not. I remember being a child and loving the idea of an extra hour to play at the end of the day as winter ended and spring began. Now, not so much.

Some might think I don’t like it because it impacts worship attendance negatively, but really what bothers me is the darkness. I am a morning person. The idea of it being darker longer in the morning annoys me. If I want to go for a run, I know that I need to be as fluorescent as possible or I’ll get to be a hood ornament again. Once was enough.

Losing is not something any of us like to do…especially when it comes to sleep. Losing instead of winning always pushes us to an uncomfortable place because it means we didn’t succeed…we didn’t reach the goal or achieve what we set out to do. No one likes losing, which is why it is not easy for us to give ourselves to God.

To give our lives over to God is to lose control. We don’t like to frame it like that. We like to say we have invited Jesus into our hearts. Like Jesus becomes a guest we keep in our mother-in-law suite or in an add-on at the back of the house. That way, he has His space and we get the run of the place. But that’s not how is works.

Jesus doesn’t want to be a tenant or a guest; Jesus wants to run the show. This fact brings us back to our issue with losing. To follow Jesus is not so much about inviting Him in as it is giving Him the deed. We no longer own the house, Jesus does. With that we lose control over what we hold most precious: our own life.

Jesus helps keep the attention off of ourselves and on Him and His purposes for us. That outward focus is what defines a church and a follower of Jesus. When either of those turns inward we have lost sight of Jesus and what He is about.

Losing an hour is one thing, but losing control of our lives is another. Neither one sounds like fun, but we only really live when we give our lives to Jesus. It’s in that kind of losing that we actually win.

Blessings to you,


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