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Ending well

Ending well

Time is running out, and there really is not much we can do about that. The next ten days or so are going to fly by for some of us. How we handle the pace of the next several days is up to us.

Almost two weeks ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars were hosting the Seattle Seahawks for a very important football game. The outcome of the game would have a lot to say about which of those teams would make the playoffs. The Seahawks have been a perennial power, and the Jaguars…well…have not.

By the end of the game, the Jags proved that the Seahawks were being replaced as the premier defensive team in the NFL, and the Seahawks didn’t like it. In the final seconds, with the game no longer in question, Seattle players started taking cheap shots at Jacksonville players. The Jaguars offense was on the field, with the quarterback take a knee in the victory formation. During these last two plays, fights began to breakout on the field as one of the Seattle players dove at the knees of a Jags players. Seattle’s Quinton Jefferson was ejected, and then fans threw drinks at him as he left the field. He then tried to climb into the stands to fight them. The game ended badly…to say the least. Which got me thinking about ending well.

Christmas preparations and 2017 are coming to an end. Shipping and post office lines are on our minds. Maybe we didn’t start in enough time, or we got overwhelmed by too many activities, or there were just too many items on our to-do list…it all adds up.

How do we finish well? We can admit defeat, learn, and move on, OR we can fight it (and everyone else around us), and end badly. 2017 is ending and many of us have things we didn’t get right, but those things are probably outnumbered by the things we did get right. The balance sheet shows we did more right than wrong, but we can lose sight of that truth.

Sometimes we have to just live with defeat, learn from it, and move on. As we begin to think about 2018, it will help if we can make a plan to take steps toward our goals. If we take it one day at a time, we have a better shot at finishing well. To do that, we need to seek Jesus and what He thinks we are capable of in 2018.

If our Christmas is out of control, let’s bring it back into focus by considering how Jesus would feel about His birthday bringing angst instead of joy. If the thought of 2018 goals scares us, let’s ask Jesus to direct us and reprioritize our lives. We don’t have to end badly, because with God there is always hope and encouragement. With God directing our steps, we may lose a battle or two, but we will never lose the war. Jesus is victorious, and with Him, things always end well.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



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