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God is so faithful! Many of you are thinking: Well..yeh…duh…you should know that already, pastor. Believe me, I am right there with you. I know God to be faithful in my life, but I do love the reminders when they come.

Two months ago, I contacted the Valdosta Habitat for Humanity office to talk about getting involved in the great work they do. We scheduled a date to work, and I mentioned we wanted to take up an offering for them. It all lined up nicely, and God’s plan started to be revealed.

On Easter Sunday, I told the church that we were giving our entire offering to Habitat. We gathered our collection, and we wrote a check to Habitat for $2,500. Fast forward to last week when I was told where we needed to report for our work day. Apparently, they were dealing with a shortage of funds, and they desperately needed more funding. God to the rescue.

The volunteers from Shoreline had a successful day working on the project. We actually installed all the concrete siding they had. Their crew and team leaders were amazed at how much we did and how fast. Little did they know, God put a team together with the expertise and the willingness to work. God to the rescue again, and none of us should be surprised.

If we are surprised by God and God’s ability to act—I mean really acting with holy power and authority—then we are missing something. We have gotten off course. The faith of the early Church has become a foreign idea instead of a familiar reality.

God intends for our faith to be robust and transformative. Yet, we settle for a mediocre faith, which is nothing to be celebrated. Mediocre is not the way any of us would like to be described, but it may be appropriate. If we start to quantify the amount of faith with which we are living as followers of Jesus, we will begin to expect more of ourselves and each other.

The truth is, God is faithful at all times. The reminders we come across, hear about, or experience ourselves are just that: reminders. Jesus is doing such amazing work in the world, and we get to be His partners. We have to keep our eyes open, and we have to be ready to jump in when God calls us into action. God is showing His faithfulness right now; can you see it?

Blessings to you,


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