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Getting an “A”

Getting an “A”

All of our students will be back in their classrooms very soon when college classes begin. It will not be long before students will be taking exams and grades will be handed out. Of course, grading does not end with schooling. We are evaluated in many different ways throughout our lives, and someone is certainly keeping score.

We do things the right way and the wrong way every day, but we do not normally get a daily report card. Even if we do not get a progress report, someone is watching. It might creep you out a little bit to know someone is watching what you do well and not so well, but it is happening right now.

Pastor John Piper describes how God keeps track of our behavior with a grading scheme from our school days: A, B, C, D, and F. When we do things mostly right we get an “A” and when we fail we get an “F”. We have varying levels of success between those extremes. Piper uses that system to emphasize that only the things that bring God glory matter at the judgment–no matter how wonderful or excellent in the eyes of the world.

So much of what we do depends on us, but we should do nothing independent of God. With Jesus guiding us, every endeavor is worthy of attention and brings God glory, because He is directing us and working through us. When we are where He wants us to be, His grace abounds, as do the “A” efforts. All good and righteous things flow from God.

Jesus longs for us to have nothing but “A”s, but He also knows that we will struggle in this life. His saving grace is still sufficient. Piper describes Jesus’ words to us about our “A” pile at the final judgment this way, “By this your life bears witness to the grace of my Father, the worth of my blood, and the fruit of my Spirit. These bear witness that your life is eternal. And according to these you will have your rewards. Enter into the everlasting joy of your Master.” We are being graded daily, but Jesus has all the answers. May our lives bear witness to the Lordship of Jesus in the days ahead.

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