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Good Stuff

Good Stuff

What do you know good? I was asked this question by one of Lindsey’s first cousins, once removed, at her 75th family reunion last weekend. As I walked up, I was expecting hello or how are you or we have not seen y’all in four years. No…What do you know good?

It was the good that got me. I was preparing a usual response to greeting someone: “Fine;” “Good; I hope you are well;” or “It has been a while; good to see you, too.” When he asked, I paused for a quick second, and I said, “I know Jesus.” We both smiled at that answer.

No matter what is happening in the world or in my life, there is one answer to that question that is always good: Jesus. Jesus does not disappoint. Jesus does not ever leave us or forsake us. Jesus is full of grace and truth, and He always speaks to us with equal parts of each. We should speak that way as well, but we do not always do it.

One friend recently asked me another question that was full of grace and truth, and it also made me stop and think…hard. We were eating lunch together, and he asked, What is good in your life right now? Wow! I was expecting him to ask how my lunch was, but that question took me in another direction. The thoughts that question invoked have led me to ask it of other people, giving him the credit for a great question.

I want to leave you with that same question today: What is good in your life? Stop what you are doing right now as you finish reading this newsletter and think about that question. What is good in your life right now…at this very moment? The answers or lack thereof may surprise you. You may be taking something for granted, or you may be missing out on the life Jesus intends for you. Either way, this question should result in action.

Here are some actions to take. One, if you have many things that are good right now, give thanks to God…and really mean it. Two, if you cannot think of anything at the moment, ask God for the clarity to see your blessings. Three, if you have not had an answer for that question for a long time, ask Jesus to become a bigger part of your life. Jesus will show you the way to blessings and life.

Our lives center around those two questions every day. Jesus came to give us life…and life abundantly. Jesus wants to know us and be known by us. May we strive to know Him as the good Savior He is and to live into the blessings He brings into our lives. I hope your life following Jesus is as good as it should be…right now.

Blessings to you,


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