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Home Run

Home Run

“Joe Buck is doing a great job with the World Series.” Wow…right?! I didn’t know anybody else was even listening to me. To be frank, I have really only watched a few innings of each game, but they have been entertaining games…and I guess I have been as well.

Yes, they were referring to the other Joe Buck—the famous sportscaster. (BTW, my family had the name longer as I am the 4th. Just saying. J) This has been a great World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The games have been exciting, partly because of the dramatic home runs.

Home runs are dramatic by design: one pitch and one swing and the batter gets to touch all the bases, clearing the bases of any additional teammates, adding to the scoring total. Home runs can change a game or a series.

Rumor has it that something else has changed…the baseball. Because of the record number of home runs in this series, there is growing speculation that the baseballs have been altered. Some experts are saying they are slicker and the seams are not as raised, thus, it is harder to grip the ball. Pitchers can’t get the same movement out of the pitches, thus it is easier to hit the ball. No changes have been noted by the manufacturer, but some are crying, foul!

I heard a pitcher say, well, it’s the same for everybody. If my pitches are easier to hit out, then so are my opponent’s. That is certainly true for doctored baseballs, and it is true for sin as well. We all have the same sentence. We all deal with sin. At times the deck seems stacked against us like some kind of conspiracy is at play. But sin comes for everyone.

Sin has the same power over all of us. The fix is not in; no one is pulling the strings and setting us up to fail. No one is being framed. We will fail on our own. We are all due the same punishment for those failings: to be apart from God forever. No one is any more or less damaged by sin in God’s eyes. It may not feel like it at times, but sin is a real presence in all of our lives.

If we start discounting our sin or the culpability that comes with it, we actually do the opposite of what we intend. We don’t remove the sin or its punishment. Not owning our sin or failing to admit how horrible it is, we can lose sight of why Jesus came. If we do that, we cannot appreciate Him as both the Savior of the world and our Rescuer.

Jesus came to earth with one mission—to save us. It was dramatic. God had one chance to get it right. There was one child and one plan. Jesus died and rose again, defeating sin and death, and His victory cleared the bases. Through Jesus, all of us get to go home. It is a victory that should be celebrated every day

Blessings to you,


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