Homecoming - The Shoreline Church
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I was so excited for worship last Sunday! I knew that God had given me a message that He wanted delivered right now, because we are all facing adversaries. We are dealing with enemies within and without. It was timely for some, and I heard how God was really speaking to them. But worship wasn’t the only highlight of last Sunday.

One of the more powerful parables Jesus told was “The Prodigal Son,” which is also known as “The Lost Son.” People have different takeaways from this story about two sons. One son leaves the father to go live life to the fullest, squandering his inheritance. The other son stays home and works for his father. One aspect to this story from Jesus is a homecoming. When the younger son comes home, the father is so excited, and he receives his son home with all being forgiven. They threw quite a party.

This past Sunday, we had some homecomings as well. Someone returned from a deployment, and I didn’t know they were back. So, I was excited to see them home, and I gave thanks to God. When you pray for safety for a service member who will be in harm’s way, it is a glorious day when they return. (***Say a prayer for our military: for safety and for them to serve honorably.***)

That was one return I wasn’t expecting, and we have another one! One of the Shoreliners who helped launch Shoreline back in February came home. Valdosta is not where he is from, but it is certainly his home! And we are so excited for him to come home.

As much joy as I felt on Sunday to be in worship together and to have two brothers come home, I thought about the joy God has when we come home. It made me smile. I try not to ever take it for granted that God is happy to see you and me.

When we decide that we have lived without God for long enough, God is happy when we come home! When we go astray, God is happy when we come home! When we come to God for encouragement and the strength for a new week, God is happy when we come home! When we stumble into church on Sunday, exhausted because our love tank is empty from being Jesus to others the previous six days, God is happy when we come home!

The joy I felt doesn’t compare to the elation and sheer happiness that God feels when we come home. You and I as broken and flawed creatures can actually bring a smile to the face of God! When we figure it out, commit ourselves to God, and live for Him, we come home. When we do that, we make God smile!

We see in Hebrews 13:16: “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Our lives can make God smile. That truth makes each day a little more special, and it empowers us to stretch ourselves a little further that others would come home one day as well. That brings smiles all around, and it begins with us. May God be pleased with us this week.

Blessings to you,


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