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Hunting for…Art

Hunting for…Art

I always loved an Easter egg hunt. My parents would make sure Easter morning was a wonderful experience for me and my sister. We had Easter baskets with candy and chocolate bunnies, and then the big moment arrived: the hunt. We would search the obvious places—the patio, bushes, and tree limbs—and less obvious places—combing through the thick border grass—searching for our treasures, which probably looked a little different than yours.

My dad is an artist—not professionally, but inherently. We had eggs filled with candy like most people, but we also had hard-boiled eggs. Those were the most special eggs to us, because my dad hand-painted designs on those eggs. My dad does not remember them as works of art, but we do.

Many of us spend our lives chasing after things we believe are valuable. It is as if life is an egg hunt: running our hands through the border grass trying to find things of value or things we hope will help define us. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, often times, so is something of value, but not with Jesus.

Jesus is precious. Jesus is a work of art who has been ascribed great value. This appraisal was not by an art critic or enthusiast, but by the Creator Himself. Nothing that has been created is greater than Jesus, and nothing else can save this world.

We look for a version of Jesus that suits our needs: Jesus as healer, prophet, teacher, or philosopher. Each of those are special eggs that many search for and find, but none of those eggs will give us what we want or need. Jesus is the Savior of the world; that is His true identity and the only version that changes lives.

The search is over; we do not need to look anywhere else for Jesus. He came to save us…to provide us with the only thing we truly need. We do not need to create a version of Him. We only need to accept Jesus as our Savior, and then we will realize all that He is and how precious He really is.

As we continue to prepare for the resurrection miracle on April 21, we hope you can join us for our Easter egg hunt following church on Sunday, April 14, at the Wood Valley Community Center (next door to the theater). We will have our egg hunt, followed by lunch together. I hope you can be there!

Blessings to you,


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