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Meeting Jesus

Meeting Jesus

One of the hardest things people can try to do is see the world through someone else’s eyes. I am, for the most part, pretty good at knowing how to be me. I can be reasonably self-aware and have some understanding of how I tick, but when it comes to other people, it is a challenge. We just can’t know for sure the roads people have walked down.

I tell people often, we don’t all come to Jesus in the same way. Some of us are passionate about God but disciplines are hard. Others have no problem with a faithful daily schedule but they don’t get stirred up emotionally. Some can read the Bible every day and learn something new, and others live to serve and care for others. We all come to Jesus in different ways.

What is most important is the coming to Jesus part. Summer vacation season is coming to an end with the beginning of the school year. To celebrate your return to church 😉 , we will start a new sermon series on August 5 called “Meeting Jesus.” Jesus teaches us that we are to love the Lord our God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength. In our new series we will see four encounters Jesus had with people that changed their lives.

We will meet Zaccheus, Saul/Paul, the Samaritan Woman, and the Adulterous Woman. In each of those respective encounters, we see Jesus changing a heart, a mind, a soul, and strength. We get to hear their stories and learn about our own. Please make plans to join us on this next journey.

Blessings to you,


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