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Membership is a concept with which many people can relate. People are members of country clubs, political parties, families, civic clubs, and churches, to name a few groups. There are established standards of behavior to be a member. Without a standard, people do what they see fit, and they lose the purpose and intent of the group. It is a common problem.

When people decide to ignore the standards or to make up their own, we lose sight of what being a member means. In the church, when people decide that one aspect of ministry is more important to them, sects and factions must follow. A new standard is being established, and if it is not part of membership, it will eventually cause a split. This has been a problem from the very beginning of the church.

You may be asking, What is the standard for the church? What does membership require of me? You are not alone. There are countless churches that are having identity crises at the moment. Shoreline’s purpose is clear, and it is not new or original or hip…it is The Great Commission.

Jesus told us all that we needed to know to be a member…to be His follower. Jesus said: Go and make disciples; incorporate them, teaching them my ways; let Me work on them; and I will be with you, leading you forever. Everything must be about bringing the Good News of Jesus to people. To be a part of Jesus means you must commit yourself to those purposes. If not, you have decided not to be a member.

Our series on The Great Commission is about understanding what Jesus expects of us and determining ways to do what He directed us to do. We are finishing the series this Sunday, and we should have a pretty good idea what Jesus was talking about. Now Shoreline has the opportunity to get to work in the name of Jesus.

I got involved with a plan called Saturate Georgia, and, no, it is not about humidity or water-logged lawns. It is about the Great Commission. With its beginnings in Orlando, FL, SaturateUSA is trying to knock on every door to bring the message of Jesus. They are dividing up the area by zip codes and providing the information with some individual church info as well. All they need is the workforce, which many area churches will provide. It is very exciting!

We will have more information to follow about this great opportunity. Until then, we can try to do the same thing on our own, honoring Jesus and what He told us to do. Invite someone to church, not because it’s just a good idea but because Jesus told us to be a part of Him. We can do it with God’s help.


Blessings to you,


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