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No Time Like the Present

No Time Like the Present

It is time to make some changes and stop wasting your life. I know that is commonly a message for January 1st and New Year’s resolutions, but why wait? Seriously. We need to stop waiting for life to begin or to change something that needs to change.

At Christmas—the time we celebrate the gift of Jesus to the world—our focus is on presents. Yes, Jesus was a present (John 3:16), and, yes, He received presents celebrating His birth (Matthew 2:11). We all know that, but what started out about Jesus has turned into an event to celebrate us.

None of us wants to take the focus off of Jesus, but that is the truth of the Christmas of today. We can come up with ways specific to our contexts or families, but one way I suggest here is to actually change your focus—commit to making your Christmas about someone else.

If you tell God you want to care for someone this Christmas to honor Jesus, God will give you the people to love. There are people in your community or around the world that need to be loved and served. Honor Jesus by deciding to give to His children. It may mean you have to cut back on what you spend on your family, but giving to Jesus is what Christmas is about.

There is no time like the present… Our present circumstance should be our focus. Trying to get through Christmas is not the answer. You and I hear it very often during the Christmas lead-up: I’m just trying to get through the holidays. Our celebration of Jesus’ birth should not be connected to that sentiment.

To apply our present-day understanding of Christmas to the actual event should not seem ludicrous. Imagine if the Magi showed up to visit the Christ Child with their hands open. Yes, Mary and Joseph, that is a strapping young lad you have there. Now if you could give us some gold or silver…maybe the iPhone 11…and direct us to the nearest restaurant where we can have a feast, that would be great. It just does not sound right.

There is one way for this Christmas to be like the first Christmas: Let’s make it about Jesus. If you do not have a budget for serving others outside your family, start one. If you do have such a budget, expand it. Nothing can bring a family or a group together like loving someone in the name of Jesus.

There is no time like the present to make a change. The one present Jesus wants this year is your heart. Let’s show Him our hearts are His by the way we celebrate His birth. We will not simply get through this Christmas season; we will see Jesus break through. That is something to celebrate!

Blessings to you,


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