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Not Yet

Not Yet

We are off and running with our new sermon series, “What Is Your Purpose?” based on Rick Warren’s book What on Earth Am I Here For? This series is helping us understand why we were created and what is our purpose for God’s Kingdom. The part of life that we know is what is seen, but there is so much more to come that is unseen. We are trying to figure out how to focus on the unseen, where our purpose is realized.

Pastor Rick uses an old story to help us understand how much there is still to come. A retiring missionary was returning home on an ocean liner from years of service in a foreign land. He was so excited to be back home, and he could not wait to walk in his homeland once again. A famous politician was also onboard. As they neared the port, the missionary saw the gathering crowds, which seemed to get bigger and bigger as the ship approached.

As the ship prepared to dock, the bands began to play, there were banners and a red carpet, and the crowds cheered. They welcomed their celebrity back to his home as he stepped off the liner, and it was quite a scene. After the crowds cleared and the access was granted to the other, less important, cargo, the missionary stepped back on to solid ground. He was no longer excited, and he grumbled as he returned home with no fanfare or even a “welcome home.” He was very sad.

As he walked away from the ship, he called out to God: “What is the deal?! I have been serving you for years, bringing your Good News to foreign lands and introducing countless people to Jesus. I have never asked for anything in return. Yet, today, couldn’t you have sent at least one person to welcome me home?!” God recognized the missionary’s consternation and responded simply, ”But, my child, you’re not home yet.”

We are not home yet either. That is one of the reasons we call our newsletter “Halfway Home.” This life is not our destination, and there is so much more to come. We are not supposed to feel at home here, but we do find comfort in pursuing God’s purposes for us. This week’s message is about how we please God, but there is more to do before Sunday.

On Saturday, Shoreline has its first Valdosta State Blazer football tailgater/potluck. It starts at 5:30p outside Bazemore-Hider Stadium, and the game is at 7p. The next day, Sunday, is Friends Day at Shoreline. We want everyone to bring a friend to church. This is a “come for worship, stay for a movie” Sunday: if you come to church and turn in a connection card afterwards, you can see a movie on us.

As if that were not enough, we are also rewarding everyone who brings a friend. Other than the gold star in heaven, we are also entering everyone who brings a friend and turns in a connection card into a drawing for free food. It’s not just any free food…the winners get Chick-fil-A for the rest of 2018!! That’s right, this is a Sunday you do not want to miss. See you at the movies…and maybe in the movies.

Blessings to you,


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