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Number Four

Number Four

You and I ignore authority seemingly all of the time. What?! Not me, Pastor Joe. Yes, even you. We drive faster than we should…and this is for the crowd that thinks the speed limit signs are suggestions. No, that posted speed is the fastest we are allowed to drive, legally.

Speeding is just one example, but you are probably aware of a time when you may have pushed the envelope by blurring lines for taxes, mileage claims, sticking with a diet, flirting with someone, or any other event you might be remembering. Whether it is the government, employers, or family/personal relationships, we are accountable to someone. We know what it is to push the limits and do our own thing.

Most of the time, we are the only one who knows what we have done. Most of the time because there is one relationship that we can never get away with breaking the rules. God is always aware of our infractions. God knows when we have broken our covenant, and God never takes that lightly.

Deep down, we know that any sin is a rebellion against God, and no sin goes unnoticed. God was adamant that we knew right from wrong, which is why God gave us the Ten Commandments. God wanted us to know the rules and what NOT to do. Even with that awareness, we break the rules. We treat the Ten Commandments like they are a speed limit sign: mere suggestions.

One rule we break on a regular basis is #4: Remembering the sabbath day. God told us clearly the ways we can rebel and where we will find suffering. It is easier to avoid theft, murder, adultery, coveting, and false witness because we all agree those are bad. The other four rules are between us and God. Somehow we arrived at a place where we agreed that it is okay to ignore the sabbath, but we are hurting ourselves and our relationship with God. God is calling us to change that right now, and we need to listen.

Join us this Sunday as look for better ways to find rest—true sabbath. God gave us direction to enjoy this life, and it is right there for all of us. See you Sunday!

Blessings to you,


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