One More Fleece - The Shoreline Church
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One More Fleece

One More Fleece

Even when you are not looking for a sign, one comes along and punches you in the mouth to get your attention. This exact thing happened to me last Sunday. I did not get punched in the mouth, but it felt like it.

On Sunday morning, Joseph and I went to pickup the trailer. I backed my car into place and lowered the trailer onto the hitch. Everything was fine. I started raising the trailer jack, which is a little bent, so we could leave. After it got about four inches off the ground, it would go no further. Hardhead that I am, I pushed and pulled the crank to raise the jack and bent the handle such that it turned but no longer raised the jack. I was not about to move the trailer with the jack a few inches off the ground. We were in trouble.

I made a call and sent a couple texts. Jeff and Jason showed up, and we loaded our cars down with the gear and left for Wood Valley. Everything turned out okay, but it was stressful. I received the message last Sunday, and I did not really want it.

I shared on Sunday that Shoreline was closing. Lindsey and I have been discerning God’s will since the fall that this day was coming. Currently, it is not a financial decision, which would be easier in some ways, but the decision is still clear. Every fleece we have laid out before God has given the same answer: It is time to close.

Gideon was chosen by God to save His people. Gideon did not want anything to do with that mission. He had every excuse under the sun…and moon. He laid out fleeces before God at night asking for them to be dry and the ground wet one day and wet and the ground dry the next. God answered his requests, and God was clear: You are the one for the job. Finally, Gideon agreed.

Out of frustration, we get to the point of saying, enough already, God?! But God will not stop communicating until the message is delivered. We saw our attendance drop over 2019 and many of our volunteers moved on. The movie theater became a more challenging place to worship with construction and movies during our worship schedule. Fleece after fleece was being answered.

The final fleece was our move to a permanent venue that would be duel-use and would require little investment or overhead from Shoreline. It was a lock…until it wasn’t. Last month, it did not get approved by the building authority, which was surprising and even confusing for all involved. Enough already, God?!

February 23 will be our last Sunday worshipping together. Lindsey and I will continue to help transition people out of LAMP with furniture and interior design help. We are looking to help some other church plants with our gear to be a blessing even as we close. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support over the years, and we are praying for you to find your new church homes. We are unsure of what God has next for our family, but we are seeking His will as we pray you all are.

Blessings to you,


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