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Pass Forward

Pass Forward

Dwelling on past victories is a quick way to stifle the dynamic movement of God in our lives. If I learned anything from our sermon series on Revelation, it was that God wants us working and moving toward the end goal of Jesus’ victory over death. Jesus told the seven churches, there is no time to dwell on the struggle or the successes, you have work to do.

I find that when I have work to do, it is easier to think about the decision that got me to that point. Then, I start the dangerous process of second-guessing my decisions and reliving failures and successes. I don’t want you to think we should not do process analysis, but we can’t let looking backwards cause us to stumble as we try to move forward.

One of the greatest inventions of the last century was the DVR. (Not really, but it has been a substantial development.) If you miss some dialogue in a show, do a seven-second rewind. If you want to skip the ads, hit the 30-second advertisement jumper like six times. Joseph will say, “Please pass backwards or pass forward.” This variation of fast forward always makes us chuckle, and we love it! What we love more is the ability to control what we are experiencing.

I find myself wanting to rewind scenes in my life…not just on the television for games or shows. If I miss something in a conversation, I reach for the remote, only to be disappointed. When we lose our focus on the moment in which we are living, we will miss something important. We cannot relive missed opportunities.

We are beginning a new sermon series on Sunday about taking advantage of the life we are given to serve the Kingdom of God through Jesus’ last command: “The Great Commission.” Mentioning the word evangelism gives people cold sweats. The concept can become more difficult than Jesus intended.

After Jesus told the disciples what to do and ascended into heaven, an angel showed up and said, “What are you doing looking up into the clouds? You have work to do. Well…get to work.” Okay. That is my paraphrase, but that was the angel’s message. The disciples wanted to pass backwards, but the angel knew they needed to move forward. They took His message to heart, and God did amazing things through them.

Passing forward from the early days of the Church to now, we still share the same mission: Go and make disciples! We should not dream about bygone eras. We just pray, hope, and dream about what amazing things God is going to do in the future. Simply put, we have work to do. Jesus did not tell them to find someone else to do it; He said, Go! And He tells us that same thing today. So, let’s go!

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