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Passion Trumps Talent

Passion Trumps Talent

“Talent is a myth, Mary. There’s a dozen guys on the team with more talent in their little finger.” “Then how come you can beat them?” “I can endure more pain than anyone you’ve ever met. That’s why I can beat anyone I’ve ever met.”

Talent trumps passion. That’s what we are taught…what we believe. It makes sense at some level. We have all seen people who are naturally gifted at something. We assume because they are better at something in the short-term they will be better in the long-run, but that is simply not true.

That opening exchange is between Steve Prefontaine and his girlfriend, Mary, in the movie “Without Limits.” Pre certainly believed passion trumps talent. He did not have an ideal runner’s body: he was shorter and stockier. Yet, Pre influenced the runners of his day, impacted U.S. amateur policies, and helped start the running boom in the U.S. Why? Because people saw if you really believed in something, you could change the world.

The talent myth helps us feel better when we struggle with something. Well…I failed because I’m just not that talented…or smart…or qualified. You can explain away a great deal of failure because, I just did not have the necessary tools. The truth is passion does trump talent.

In Whisper, Mark Batterson shares the results of an eleven-year study by Dr. Daniel Heller. Studying 450 elite musicians, Heller concluded that over time, passion trumps talent. Heller declares that it was passion that led the musicians to take more risks and motivated them to excel.

God longs for us to respond with passion. God certainly gives us abilities, but if we align our godly desires/passions with God’s plan, we can have the biggest impact for the Kingdom of God. People are so much more motivated to do something when they really care about it…when they are on fire with passion and desire.

Passion does trump talent. I remember some of the most talented swimmers I raced against fizzled out because they just did not have the passion to sustain the talent. Seeing that example close-up inspires me to not let that ever be me. God gives us desires. There are things we are passionate about, and if we can determine what those godly desires are, we can change the world.

We are continuing our sermon series about hearing the voice of God this Sunday through the language of desires. Join us Sunday as we learn how God communicates to us through desires and passion. This series can be life-changing, and you do not want to miss it.

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