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Second Careers

Second Careers

When we talk about second and third careers, some of us think about transitions, set-backs, and failed businesses. I am someone with three careers myself. (I always say, Some people take longer than others to figure out what they want to do when they grow up.) The days of most people staying at their first real job until they retire are long gone. Change seems to be the norm now when it comes to careers.

I had a great time interviewing Dr. Carvajal, Valdosta State Univ. President, for the Halfway Home radio show last week. One of the points he made was how higher education has changed. There has been a shift from teaching students about a subject or major to training them to be life-long learners. Having multiple careers is here to stay, and universities are trying to prepare their graduates for that reality.

I recently heard of a second career: “Petra’s second career.” Petra Kvitova is a left-handed, two-time Wimbledon Champion, and two years ago, she was attacked in her home during a home invasion. She was stabbed in her left hand as she fought for her life. After six months of recovery and therapy, she returned to professional tennis. Last month, she underlined her return with a close loss in the Australian Open final. She’s back, having restarted her career and is ranked #2 in the world.

When questioned about how He was sent by God, Jesus said, “Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3b). Being born again—the 2nd birth—is a popular way to see our new life, following Jesus. The old way of living after being born is replaced by a new way, which begins with being born again.

Our first career was “me-centered.” It was all about me or my family or my job or my hobbies. After Jesus enters our lives, our focus changes to Him; we have a new career. Our focus is to use our new life to be poured out for His glory. This means we park our aspirations and make Jesus our priority.

This Sunday afternoon is a time for 2nd careers. Several Shoreliners will participate in baptism for the first time or as a remembrance/rededication. It is a day to be celebrated, and you are all welcome to attend and support our brothers and sisters in their new career. See you Sunday!

Blessings to you,


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