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Smiling’s My Favorite

Smiling’s My Favorite

“Why you smiling like that?!” “I just like to smile; smiling’s my favorite.” “Make work your favorite; that’s your favorite. Okay?!” With that, the Gimbel’s toy store manager shuts down Buddy the Elf and his desire to spread Christmas cheer everywhere he goes. This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie “Elf,” but a similar scene plays out in the real world as well.

People who smile often can get some weird, or even mean, looks. They are thinking what that toy manager said even if they do not say the words. But nothing can give someone a lift like someone smiling at them. Setting creepiness aside, when you smile out of love at someone, it can convey a gift from God.

Martin Pistorius’ body became a prison at the age of 12; he had no ability to communicate or move his body. It took 13 years for a partial recovery. I watched his TED Talk recently, and I was amazed with his story.

When he was still in a vegetative state, he was sitting in a car by himself while his dad ran an errand. Pistorius shares how a smile from a stranger passing by in the parking lot changed his life and gave him the hope to live. This man smiled at Martin. Even though he could not smile back, he felt like a human being. Someone thought enough of him to smile at him.

We went to a tasty doughnut shop over the summer in Asheville, NC called Hole Donuts. Along with the great coffee and doughnuts, there was a sign above the busyness of the kitchen visible to the entire dining area. The sign said simply, “Smile Indulgently.” Wow! That says it all. That is our goal.

Smile. Jesus loves you and me. His love for us filled His heart even as it bled out and He suffocated on the cross. Smile. For anyone…for everyone. For Jesus. Smile to send the Devil a message: nothing he is doing is working. Even in bad times…maybe even the worst of times…we will not surrender to his plans or purposes for our lives. As much as he wants us miserable in the life to come and unsatisfied with who we are in this life, we stand…or smile…against that.

When in doubt…make smiling your favorite!

Blessings to you,


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