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Spending Life

Spending Life

Understanding the concept of scarcity is essential to economic theory and its application to daily life. While we are not all working on analyzing markets using supply and demand curves (some of you are saying, Amen!), the concept applies to life and our message this Sunday. There is only so much of something to go around, how do we function with that truth.

One of the most basic areas of our life that scarcity is realized is available time. We all know that there is only so much time available. There are 24 hours in a day, and we need to sleep using some of those hours—some more than others. With all of the activities in our life, the hours start evaporating rather quickly. If we do not make good decisions, we will not get around to everything we want to get done, and God’s agenda must take priority.

Jesus wants to make His presence known in this world, and He wants us to play a part. We must make time available to Jesus for Him to accomplish His mission. There are many people walking around doing a great job serving, but some really take it to the next level.

John Cena is a 16-time WWE wrestling world champion and a movie star. He is also a Muhammed Ali Sports Humanitarian Award winner for his service of others, specifically his work with Make-A-Wish. He has made more wishes come true than any other celebrity working with that organization…it is not even close.

Over the last fourteen years, he has made nearly 600 wishes come true. He has donated over 6 million airline miles for the travel of children and their families as part of Make-A-Wish, which is roughly 241 trips around the globe. Cena has granted wishes in 16 countries around the world, expanding his impact internationally. He is also an advocate for breast cancer awareness and military families.

Cena has raised the bar on what service of others looks like for one reason: he made the time to serve. He has to balance his career and personal time demands with being available to serve others. He is excelling professionally as well as personally, trying to impact as many people as he can. Cena is showing all of us, that time management not only makes our life better, but it changes others as well.

We all have a limited quantity of hours in a day, but 24 hours is what God has given us all. Our message this week is about trying to spend those hours—and our lives—pursuing Jesus. I hope to see you on Sunday for church and our 2nd birthday celebration!

Blessings to you,


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