The "Rule of Five" - The Shoreline Church
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The “Rule of Five”

The “Rule of Five”

If you are getting exhausted chasing after a goal, you may be doing it wrong. What?! How dare you?! …you may be thinking those or other less gentile thoughts. You may be saying I work hard…or I do what I am supposed to do…or it is harder than it looks. I do not know your circumstance, but I do know a proven way to get results.

When I committed to go on the FCA Eurasia mission trip, I had to make a sacrifice. I gave up time with my family and my church, but I also missed something else. I was not able to go to Catalyst in Atlanta for their 20th anniversary. The leadership conference was held at North Point Community Church, and I look forward to it every year. I bought tickets for the event at last year’s conference, because there are some great speakers and lessons every year.

One of the main influencers at Catalyst is the leadership guru John Maxwell. He has written like 200 books, and when he walks across the stage, you can learn something about leadership. At Catalyst 2018, Maxwell spoke about how to write the story you want to tell.

His lesson was very simple, but it is one I need to work on applying to my life. You might need to give it a try as well. Maxwell calls it the “Rule of Five.” Simply put, if you want to chop down a tree, grab an ax and take just five cuts at the tree in the same spot once a day. You do not need to swing until you get exhausted or come up with another tool or resource to help. Go out to the tree; bring the ax; and take five swings at the same spot. The tree will fall. It may take weeks or months, but the tree will fall.

The “Rule of Five” seems too simple, but it works. I could do my five daily cuts with a baseball bat, and it will not work. I could use the ax, but if I take five cuts day after day on a different tree I will not have the same success. I will just have a bunch of scarred trees. No. I need to swing the ax five times at the same spot, and the tree will fall.

Are you working on a goal or plan for your life? You may be working on a new skill or improving an existing one. There may be a spiritual discipline you need to incorporate into your life. You may be working really hard and getting no results. If you have a goal and the right tool and consistency, all it takes to succeed is dedicating time at your task…and the tree will fall.

We are working at the goal of knowing ourselves and what make us tick in our “Know Yourself” sermon series. This week we are looking at Type Nine—The Peacemaker. We should pursue peace, but we cannot do it by sacrificing who we are and why we are here. I hope to see you on Sunday!

Blessings to you,


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