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Time Change

Time Change

We blew it!!!! I am so mad at myself! We knew it was coming…I was looking forward to it! All of that anticipation and excitement was wasted. I was so dejected and annoyed at myself. It was my one shot, and I blew it.

There is one night in the entire year where we get this wonderful gift. As if like magic, the universe stops for a second and says, here, enjoy this: an extra hour of sleep.

I know the end of Daylight Savings Time may not be that big of a deal for you, but I always love it. I am a morning person, so I like having the light earlier in the day. As far as exercise goes, I also like to do that in the morning. And…of course…I like to get a little more sleep on Sunday morning.

I knew I had the margin. I even set the clocks back on Saturday night to be ready. I knew there was grace, so I took advantage and used it. I did the unthinkable…I stayed up too late. I thought, “Hey, I get some extra sleep tonight, I can stay up a little longer.” That was a mistake.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Many of us approach our life with God in a similar way, either actively or passively. We do this by doing what we know God doesn’t want us to do or by overscheduling our day, leaving no time to be with God. I shudder to think about how we take advantage of the grace God gives us or what that does to our relationship with God.

As far as sleep goes, I can always just go to bed an hour early. I don’t need anyone to tell me to turn my clocks back, giving me some much-needed extra sleep. I have to be willing to give up something to make that hour available every day. For some of us this is television. For others it is social media. For others it is sports. We should be able to adjust our schedules so the essential things take priority, and that might mean we have to give up something we want for something we need.

I have come to realize my wants can take priority in many subtle ways. Even the sounds in our house can contribute to doing what God wants me to do or what I want to do. What if our homes were filled with the sound of worship music in the background instead of football games that no one is really watching or television shows that no one cares about? What if? It is much easier to make room for God when we eliminate some distractions, which hinder our path to God and who God wants us to be.

As I start to reorder my life to make room for God’s plan, I know it will take time and effort. I have to set my clocks back weekly, if not on a daily basis. By giving God the priority in our lives in how our time is managed and where our effort goes, we allow space to become who God wants us to be.


Blessings to you,



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