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Warning Signals

Warning Signals

During my recent flight, the captain came over the speaker and shared this message, “We’re just gonna go ahead and takeoff now; we’ve checked with the mechanics and they think we’ll be okay.” Wait…what?! There’s a hole in the cabin door that you can put your hand through?! And that’s okay? I don’t care how many green lights there are on your display, this doesn’t seem like a good idea. I mean…we are only going to be flying tens of thousands of feet in the air at hundreds of miles per hour. Why worry about a flap on the door that hasn’t closed properly? Why, indeed?

I obviously survived, as I am able to relay this story to you today. To be frank, I was sitting there with my seat belt loosely fastened, and I was thinking, let’s just go…we’ll be alright. What could happen? Sure, that’s not the best question to ask about air travel, but I really needed to make my connection.

We left on time and my possible delay was avoided, but it got me thinking about warning signals. How often do warning signals go off in your life? Do you make it a practice to ignore them or do you respond to them? Whether we like it or not, warning signals are there for a reason.

Many of us experience warnings about our health. They can come through a realization internally that something isn’t right or we may get back some negative test results. We can ignore those, because if we do, bad things may follow. We may need to make some changes to diet or add some daily exercise to our schedule. It’s not always about physical warning signs.

The Holy Spirit is a very effective deliverer of warnings. No matter how good we get about ignoring those blinking lights on the display, God is not fooled. Do you have an area of your life that constantly seems to be out of balance? What warning signs are you seeing? Most likely God is trying to reveal something to you, and it is ALWAYS better when we listen the first time.

By the way, the pilot did put some people on edge with his response to our initial door dilemma. To add to the drama…as we prepared to land in Atlanta, we slowed and descended. Just at the point of no return, he accelerated, and we climbed suddenly. My fellow passengers got weirded out, and you could hear them throughout the plane asking for some reassurances. The pilot came on and said that the plane ahead of us had not turned off the runway, so we had to give it another shot. Nice. That’s the first time I ever had trouble taking off and landing on the same flight.

Our lives can feel like that at times. We get out of balance, and nothing seems to go right. If we can be proactive and respond to these warnings or, better yet, before they even go off, we will be able to avoid the disaster that awaits us. The warnings are there for a reason, and it’s up to us to respond with action and conviction.

Blessings to you,



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