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What Do You Need?

What Do You Need?

Many of us are familiar with the old saying, “You can’t take it with you.” But you might not have heard this one, “You won’t need that when you’re dead.” I doubt it will catch on, because the words don’t really flow off the tongue and it seems more morbid than the other expression. The message is still important.

My parents are hard to buy for at birthdays and holidays. This year, my dad needs a new watch, and one that is a little more technology-savvy. He shopped around and found the watch he wants, which does what he needs it to do and more. It really is something he wants and needs, but he held off on the purchase.

Many of you know my dad is going through a difficult time. He has been at Emory Hospital since last Wednesday for an extensive surgery to replace a section of his aorta. Like I said, it is a significant event. It was one of those surgeries where the surgeon talks about survival rates for the procedure itself…not after the procedure with infections and complications…on the table. Yeah, I know?!

He was not sure he was going to be around at Christmas, so he decided to wait on a present for himself. That is sobering. It really got my attention, I can assure you, but something about the conversation struck a chord with me.

How much are we investing in tomorrow without being sure how many tomorrows we will see? I started to wonder about how much I am buying today that has nothing to do with my eternal purpose. I often think about what I do not have instead of the many, wonderful things I have. We can never find joy in our lives if we spend our time being disappointed or discouraged.

I am reminded of the lyrics of the song “I’ll Give Him My Heart.” The listener is drawn to the manger as the shepherds and Wise Men were nearly 2,000 years ago. The shepherd brings a lamb, and the Wise Men brought treasures. They brought offerings to Jesus, but that was before He had lived out His purpose. Jesus was never about earthly treasures, unless you count the souls walking around the earth. We are treasures of the highest value to Jesus.

The gifts Jesus wants this year are our hearts—it is all He every asks of us. Jesus wants all that we are and what we can become in His service. As we start thinking about what we are getting this Christmas, maybe we should reflect on what we are holding back from Jesus. Rich and poor alike can hold back things from Jesus. May we all return to the manger, giving the one present Jesus wants from us: our heart.

Blessings to you,


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