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What’s the Point?!

What’s the Point?!

What’s the point?! At some time you have probably asked yourself that question. You may have been in a dead-end job, a rocky relationship, or at a point in your life where hope was playing hide-and-seek really, really well.

In American society, living comfortably is relative. While there are an increasing number of people living below the poverty line, the rest of us have it pretty good. But even with all that we have, we can get to the point of dissatisfaction. We wonder if our pursuits are serving a purpose and to what ends are we laboring away.

Last month I labored away in a marathon. I trained for some 16 weeks in preparation for that day. Now, having been a competitive athlete for nearly four decades, I certainly have learned to find meaning and purpose in the training even if the results aren’t what I hoped. But last month brought some good results for me.

I placed second in my age group in the Kiawah Island Marathon, and for my efforts, I received a wooden plank with a map of Kiawah Island on it. I’ve received plaques, ribbons, trophies, and medals over the years but never a piece of wood. I like it. It’s sturdy. It’s different.

I am reminded of Paul who told the people of Corinth that athletes chase victory and a perishable wreath. His example is not lost on us, how perishable is an olive branch? That branch is not lasting for many years. It will dry up and wither away. As sturdy and strong as my plank trophy is, it too will decay and fall apart. It is perishable.

Back to our question, What’s the point? If I everything I do serves myself, my family, my comfort, … I am wasting my time. It will all decay and, one day, will be no more. But if I realize what part of my life serves God, then I will always have a purpose. If I number my steps and strive to serve God’s plan for me, no breath is wasted and every thing I do has a point and a purpose. May we all realize our purposes under heaven…and for heaven.

Blessing to you,


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