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Where Are You Going?

Where Are You Going?

Do you ever wonder about where you are going? Normally, we have GPS to direct us when we are driving or planning a trip. We can usually come up with a plan to get somewhere, but determining where we are headed is extremely important.

The big question being asked right now in the NBA is about free agency—the time at the end of the basketball season when people determine if they will stay with their current team or move to a new team. Two of the biggest stars that are currently eligible to move and happen to be facing off in the NBA Finals are Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. 

They are being asked an important question repeatedly: Where are you going? The assumption is they are leaving their teams for new challenges or greener pastures, but no one knows where they are going. They avoid answering that question, but they can only do that for so long.

People are always on the move; we are on our way somewhere. Even when we hold our position or hold our tongue or hold on to what we have…we are moving toward something. We can be going nowhere in particular, but we are still on the go.

Where are you going? Are you moving? Standing still on your spiritual journey is a decision to not move toward Jesus. We grow that spiritual muscle by attending a small group and worship and by serving in the name of Jesus. When we decide not to do those things, we stop being moved by God.

Andy Stanley says, “Direction Determines Destination.” Our destination is God. We want to be with God forever, but our direction is not decided by us alone. Jesus gives us direction: He shows us how to live and how to get to God. Jesus sends us on our way and sustains us on our journey.

Where are you going? When it comes to vacation, that answer is normally fun and easy. When it comes to our eternal destination, the answer can be sobering. 

Shoreline is about getting as many people as possible to our shared destination with Jesus forever. We do not want anyone standing still or moving away from who God wants them to be. Join us this Sunday as we learn about the unlimited power that comes through Jesus to overcome the evils of this world. We are on the move, becoming more like Jesus and who He knows we can be.

Blessings to you,


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