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Who’s the ScapeGOAT?

Who’s the ScapeGOAT?

Who is the Greatest Of All Time…G.O.A.T?? This question gets asked very often in the world of American football. The five-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady gets a great deal of support in this argument. Some other names that enter the conversation are Joe Montana, John Elway, and Aaron Rodgers. People make their arguments based on championships, yardage, and even how much they improve the performance of other players on their team. While Americans consider their choice for the GOAT, the world has different ideas.

Having lived in and visited other countries, the topic of sports often came up. People outside the US chuckle at the idea that our football is an international game or even merits the title of world champion. American football is a distant second in worldwide popularity to football—what we call soccer. Around the world, there is a different GOAT conversation.

A soccer commentator suggested last week that you can start a conversation anywhere in the world with the question of who is greater, Ronaldo or Messi. They are both amazing players! Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal and plays for Real Madrid. He has scored 400 goals as a professional and 79 for his national team, and he has won four Champions League (the NFL of soccer) titles and finished first and second five times each in the annual best player award voting (Ballon d’Or). Lionel Messi is from Argentina and plays for Barcelona. He has scored the same amount of goals in his professional career but with 67 for his national team, and he has won three Champions League titles and matches Ronaldo’s results for the best player award. (I think Ronaldo is the GOAT…sorry Joanna—our Barcelona native).

We can have these kinds of friendly…and not so friendly…debates about sports, but the real GOAT never kicked or threw a ball. Jesus is the GOAT…and the goat. What?! That’s right Jesus is the goat for all time as well.

God told the Israelites how they were to worship Him with very clear directives. In Leviticus 16, Moses explains the scapegoat. All of their sin was to be placed on the scapegoat, and he was to be sent out of the camp into the wilderness. The sin had to be sent far from the camp so God would be present among them and would lead them. The scapegoat was necessary and vital to their relationship with God.

Jesus did the same thing. He took our sin and removed it from us, and we learn it is removed from us as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). Jesus did that…for each of us. How could anything compete with Him for our attention?!

What is competing with Jesus in your life? Does Jesus have anyone or anything that enters the conversation as the GOAT? Nothing can compare with him, but we choose to let things compete with him all of the time. He is the greatest, and everything has changed because of Him. We need to live like Jesus is the GOAT.

What can possibly compare to Jesus? Nothing. This week we continue our series about why people don’t follow Jesus by asking, How can our sins be forgiven? We hope to see you there as we find some answers to some tough questions.


Blessings to you,


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